A small floral Bohemian garnet brooch which features a mix of forty-four flat cut gemstones. Garnet is the birthstone for January and the gem for the second anniversary.

Item # VUKN21518-3

Antique Flat Cut Bohemian Garnet Silver Brooch

  • Metal- silver
    Weight- 3.46 grams
    Makers Mark- stamped REI on clasp and stem
    Gemstones- forty-four Bohemian pyrope garnets, between .85 - 3.75 mm, round and pear shapes
    Size- .96 x .97 inches (34.5 x 24.6 mm)
    Details- c-clasp, pin stem extends out further from brooch
    Comments- ask us about converting this brooch into a pendant or necklace
    Condition- good antique condition