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A spectacular Edo or Meiji era menuki (Japanese sword ornament) pendant necklace. It was crafted out of mixed metals, depicting a Geisha pointing at a laughing man in a Shinto hat, holding an opium pipe.

Item # MH51916-5

Antique Japanese Shakudō Menuki Pendant Necklace

  • Metal- Shibuichi / Shakudō- an alloy of bronze, silver, and 18 karat gold, that is patinated into a range of subtle muted shades
    Weight- 12.60 grams
    Size- 1.63 x .80 inches, 17 inches in length
    Details- this antique menuki was converted to a necklace with chocolate-brown cord
    Condition- good antique condition, small solder marks visible on the back of the menuki from when it was converted into a necklace (wabi-sabi)