A regal antique sword brooch in a jabot pin style crafted out of 14 karat gold and a pearl encrusted hilt. 

Item # MH51714-5

Antique Pearl Jabot Sword Pin Brooch

  • Metal- 14 karat gold
    Weight- 4.25 grams
    Hallmarks- 14K
    Maker's Mark- lozenge shaped maker's mark
    Size- 2.67 inches overall (the sheath measures 2 inches and the sword measures 2.4 inches)
    Gemstones- thirty-three seed pearls between 1 - 2.7 mm
    Details- scalloped design on sword hilt and gold wire wrapped handle, there is a jump ring on the back of the pin for a safety chain to be added
    Condition- good antique condition