A carved conch shell cameo with Bacchante as the subject. The cameo is mounted in a 14 karat white gold wavy filigree frame. Bacchante, a classical priestess or friend and admirer of Bacchus is identified by grapevine and grape cluster in her hair.

Item # VUKN92517-2

Bacchante Carved Carnelian Shell Cameo Brooch

  • Metal- 14K
    Weight- 7.83 grams
    Hallmarks- 14K
    Size- 1.39 x 1.14 x .34 inches (35.50 x 29 x 8.86 mm)
    Gemstones- one 1.17 x .87 x .26 inch (29.70 x 22.22 x 6.65 mm) carved white and carnelian colored shell
    Details- floral details on the filigree frame
    Condition- good vintage condition