Beautiful triple hard-stone carved cameo necklace on a Victorian gold book link chain, circa 1870.

Item # PRC11-11FD

Victorian Gold Cameo Necklace

  • Metal- Victorian gold (between 9 -14 karat)
    Weight- 27.9 grams
    Gemstones- three high relief carved sardonyx stones, the smaller ones measure 12 x 9 mm, the largest measures 19 x 13 mm
    Chain- 16 inch book link chain with engraving detail, 4.4 mm width, early c-clasp closure
    Pendants- cameos are set in engraved frames with rope work and floral details
    Comments- this necklace was most likely created from a pendant/brooch and earring suite conversion
    Condition- good/fair antique condition, a darker patina can be found in certain places on the pendants