A large and heavy statement cuff bracelet depicting tooled designs and thunderbirds with black patina against polished silver. The top of the bracelet has three turquoise gemstones. Thunderbirds are legendary creatures in certain North American indigenous peoples' history and culture. It is considered a supernatural being of power and strength. Turquoise is the traditional birthstone for the month of December and the gem of the 11th anniversary.

Item # VUKN11817-1

Vintage Navajo Turquoise Silver Thunderbird Cuff

  • Metal- sterling silver
    Measurements- 1.48 inch width (37.72 mm), 1.70 mm thickness
    Gemstones- three medium - deep saturated turquoise cabochons with brown and beige matrix, 9 x 7 mm, 8.5 x 6 mm, and 18 x 6 mm
    Details- thunderbirds measure 1.56 x 1.10 inches
    Condition- good vintage condition